Suriname October 2009

Thank you very much for your prayers for Suriname and for us. During our ministry there from 20 September - 13 October 2009 we really felt the presence of God. Every thing we did was loaded
with much power and assurance from the Holy Spirit. Strategic apostolic meetings, focused on the
South-American and Caribbean regions have been held. Leaders have been empowered, people
have been saved and healed during the meetings. To God be all the glory!

We have experienced that God is preparing this nation for something great and wonderful!

Our ministry is well accepted by the leaders in Suriname. Ministering in their churches is
therefore a great blessing and privilege for us.










Eddy van Russel ministering in the well known church "Tabernacle of Faith and Love"
headed by our dear friend and cousin, apostle Eric Tjin-Kon-Kiem, in Paramaribo, Suriname.

There was a powerful move of God during the meeting. A strong birthing by the Holy Spirit of new giftings, especially in the area of pioneering new fields, starting new churches and power evangelism
was present. The spiritual hunger in all of the leaders was intense. Suriname has a God given
destiny to fulfill and history is being written on Gods agenda.


Eddy van Russel ministering in the church "Bribi Ministries", headed by
apostle Irma Gimith, our dear friend whom we know for many years, in Paramaribo Suriname.

We believe that God has joined us together for a great work in Suriname and beyond. We love Irma
and have seen the move of God through her and her fellow workers during these many years.

The heavy spiritual darkness in Suriname that is caused by witchcraft and satanism will have to capitulate eventually for the advancement of the Kingdom of God! We have experienced that God is preparing this nation for something great and wonderful! The Church of Christ is well and alive.

I am asking our global intercessors to continue standing with us in intercession for Suriname.

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