Peru November - December 2009

The Holy Spirit moved powerfully during the meetings. God's grace was abundant!

Scores of people got saved. Others were healed miraculously and were able to testify about their healing afterward. Among them were those suffering from abdominal illnesses for years. Limbs, eyes, and backs were healed. Infections and growths disappeared after laying on of hands. Several people received deliverance from evil and unclean spirits.

Some photo impressions:

 Ministry in Belen-Iquitos ^  Almost all these pupils got saved ^ 
 Ministry to the sick in Presidencia-Pisco ^  Laying hands on the sick ^
 Man healed and runs to demonstrate this ^   Woman, delivered from demonic oppression^
 She received her blessing ^   Women celebrating God's presence ^

Stories to be told !
Amazing testimonies of those being saved and healed by the power of the Gospel during our crusades. Click here