God’s power in Bamunanika.

Bamunanika is a small city west to the capital city Kampala in Uganda, East Africa. Here we have the palace of the local king, where he covens with his people. It is the most important and one of the most visited places of Bamunanika. Sacrificial ceremonies are being held by the witchdoctors on a “holy” mountain just opposite the king’s palace. Remarkably enough to mention that the crusade organized by Redeemed Crusades was held at the king’s ground just next to his palace. Miracles of salvation and healing. On the first evening evangelist Drake Kanaabo from Redeemed Crusades preached a powerful opening message. Many people got saved, healed and delivered from demons. The second evening evangelist Eddy van Russel preached about the Samaritan woman and the “holy mountain” form the gospel of John, chapter 4. Over 3000 people were at the crusade ground. It was amazing the way God used His servant. The whole ground was invaded by God’s power More than three hundred people got saved that night. Five people that had been possessed by demons for long time were brought to the platform; they were delivered instantly. Tumors could not stand the fire that was coming out of the word that was preached by the evangelist .Three drunkard men were delivered and all over at the crusade ground there were manifestations of demons leaving people’s bodies. One witch doctor that was on a motorbike was invaded by God’s power. He was smashed from his bike, when people saw him riding as a mad man on a narrow sandy road along the crusade ground. When he fell from his bike he started running up and down; he could not understand what was going on and lost control over himself. Before he realized he was already on the platform where he was instantly delivered from the many demons while he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus. This man at first thought that some body was beating him, yet it was GOD’S POWER all over him! The next evening two other witchdoctors got save and delivered. The day after the team had left Bamunanika, the king went to visit the crusade ground, and the places were he used to go. He wanted to inspect the situation himself. Guess what happened: his demons could not stand the power of God that was still present there. They also had to capitulate! Bamunanika was a place under total spiritual control of the witchdoctors. There is only one Pentecostal church there. It stood triumphantly during many years and during the many curses and attacks by the witch doctors. Now, after the crusade, this church is packed with many converts. Several of them have been baptized now. In conclusion: at the king’s palace, on the crusade, in the city and every were, God torched people and delivered them from the hand of the enemy. While Joy, happiness, laughter, dancing took over the city. Bamunanika will never be the same again!

Stories to be told !
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