Miracle Crusade in Kaberamaido - Uganda ended in power!

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2004 we headed towards the north-east of Uganda for our crusade. The district of Kaberamaido has faced so much of insurgence, instability, hence pain and fear had been inflicted upon the people in this area by rebels. This was the first crusade of such a kind that was ever held in this town. When the team entered the town it looked like a true forsaken and deserted place. The shops and offices are like ruins, old and empty.

Chrisma Ministries to the Nations partnered in this mission with Redeemed Crusades headed be evangelist Drake Kanaabo. Three years ago God spoke to evangelist Drake to conduct a crusade in Kaberamaido. Over ten thousand people coming from the many villages around attended the crusade which was for three powerful days of salvation, signs and wonders.

The first preacher evangelist Eddy van Russel set the area on fire. Men and women began to say that God has visited them. Many were healed and set free from demon possession.

The second preacher evangelist Drake Kanaabo, said two days before the trip to this area God told him that this place is Jericho, which was overturned by Godís power because of the strongholds in it. Four deaf children between the age of ten and fifteen got healed and so many where set free.

Sunday 26th was the climax of everything, evangelist Drake Kanaabo preached about a friend who never fails, he prayed for people and God touched and healed many that where suffering from different diseases. 

Evangelist Eddy van Russel concluded the crusade by praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God filled them with His power and the whole place was invaded with the presence of God. A man that could not walk properly threw away his stick and came to the platform to testify. Joy and happiness took over the town and the surrounding villages. The walls of Kaberamaido where broken, drunkard men shouted out for salvation in tears. Ev. Eddy van Russel wired Godís power to the people and they could not escape a miracle physically and spiritual. By the time we left the place we had a record of over eight hundred people saved.

Glory and honor is returned to God!

By Chris Isabirye
Chrisma Coordinator Great-Lakes Region Eastern Africa

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