Shinyalu For Jesus Crusade 28 February-5 March 2006

Shinyalu is an upcoming village with over 4 thousand inhabitants with some small churches. 

This was the first major crusade of its kind. There are several cults in the area, the main one which has brought a lot of destruction and terror called “dini ya blanketi”.  The church is struggling with the traditions in the area and has not really had a great impact to the locals because of its weakness. Forces that oppose the spread of the gospel are: Witchcraft, immorality, bloodshed & violence, bull fighting and religion.     

These forces have made the environment to be hostile, a lot of criminality, poverty as a result of witchcraft, idolatry, alcoholism, involvement in drugs and hatred and divisions in churches. People are addicted to watching the cruelty of bull fighting. The witchdoctors are respected more than God. The area has witnessed a lot of blood shed and violence resulting from witchcraft.
To  have an impact in the area we agreed with hosting church Shinyalu Worship Center, and the Eldoret team to start continuous prayer until the week of the crusade. We had prayer chain for two months including the time the crusade was on. We had teams of intercessors who slept on the crusade grounds keeping vigil.

As the crusade started on the 28th Feb it was clear God had chosen to visit Shinyalu. Eva. Eddy van Russel started on high note which saw hundreds of people come to the Lord excluding the children. Through out the crusade the message was “there is no any other God other than the Lord Jesus, our Savior, Healer, Deliverer and the Prince of peace”. People were challenged to choose whom they would serve either their gods who can't save or Jesus. Approximately one thousand souls came to the Lord, many people were healed of their deceases, many were delivered of demonic attacks . The Lord held the skies all the days of the crusade in  that the rains did not interfere with the crusade while it could rain in the neighborhood. Two times when it wanted to pour down on the crowd, it was commanded to stop in the name of the Lord.

God did awesome things during the crusade. Within a few days the whole spiritual atmosphere started to change from one of violence, witchcraft and despair into one of revival, peace and hope in Jesus the Christ. As the apostle Paul said in Romans 15:29 "I know that when I come to you, I will come in the full measure of the blessing of Christ". As servants of the living God, We were able to offer the people of Shinyalu something great, the gospel of Jesus Christ. We came with the full measure of His blessings, resulting in abundance and variety of blessings whereby people got saved healed and delivered from evil spirits and baptized in the Holy Ghost.  


Great joy filled the village of Shinyalu because of the manifested power and presence of God's kingdom as in the days of Philip when he ministered in Samaria (Acts 8). God used evangelist Eddy van Russel also to bring unity amongst the leaders of the various churches in Shinyalu.

What a blessed God we have.
He deserves all the glory!

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