Quarry Village (Embakasi-Nairobi) Crusade 23 - 26 February 2006

The crusade in Quarry Village (Embakasi-Nairobi) in Kenya hosted by Household of Faith church was a great success. Many tough young people were challenged by the powerful preaching of the gospel and decided to turn away from their peculiar way of living and follow Jesus. The newly started church pastored by Tom & Cathy is situated in the midst of a slum area in Quarry Village. At the end and after the crusade the growing church experienced a luxurious problem. People from the area started to flood to the meetings. The sanctuary can't house the numbers anymore. Every Sunday new groups of people are getting saved. Many are standing outside the sanctuary on the ground worshipping the Lord and listen to the preaching. This continues week after week while the church keeps on growing. These poor people became spiritually rich in Christ. Many find hope and peace through Jesus. They are beingthought about the kingdom principles and as a result of this their social and economic situations are getting better day by day. The curse of poverty over their lives is broken and now there is hope for the future.

The bible gives us reasons and proofs to believe that the ministry of the gospel in power does change peopleís life and circumstances. It can even change the whole spiritual atmosphere in a location or area bringing it under the dominion of Gods kingdom. In Roman 15:19 the apostle Paul assures the believers in Rome of his coming in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ. Paul knew that he had abundance of spiritual gifts to offer to the believers, because the Lord Jesus had entrusted him with the fullness of blessings to imparting in the lives of the believers. We can say that the apostle meant the superfluous blessings of Christ. The preaching of the gospel by which people are being saved, healed, set free from any oppressions, receiving spiritual gifts and solid biblical teaching.  
What a blessing it is to come to know Jesus who came to give life and life more abundantly!

Stories to be told !
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