Suriname November 2008


During my flight from Miami (USA) to Paramaribo (Suriname) I realized that this mission to Suriname is of great importance for the advancement of the kingdom of God and the destiny of the Church in this country.

We are seeing that the country is being prepared by the Lord of the harvest for a mighty spiritual revival. The prophetic word that came to us during our national crusades and seminars in 2002, that God was sending a hunger in the land, not a hunger for bread, nor thirst for water, but for hearing  the words of the Lord, is already coming to pass.

However, despite of a growing Church in Suriname (see our pre-mission report), and painfully to say, I recently learned that the devil with his powers of darkness is trying to maintain their territory by creating serious matters of concerns again and again amongst spiritual leaders.

God gave me an apostolic and prophetic message for the Body of Christ is Suriname, while meeting with several key leaders as well. This message was clear. It had the ingredients to pave the road for reconciliation within the Church, putting aside past hurts, divisions and strife.

The message/ministry also included the release of:

  • Holy Ghost anointed Christians into key governmental and ministerial positions with kingdom authority.
  • The Church in Suriname into its destiny to impacting the nations in their region and beyond. Becoming a model to the believers in that region, as it was with the sending churches in Thessalonica and Antioch.

   Ministering in "Bribi Ministries"  Ministering in "Tabernacle of Faith and Love" 









Please stand with us in prayer and with your financial support. Our mission for Suriname has just started and has yet to be completed. We are planning to go back there early next year and bring all the leaders and Christians together for a heart to heart talk. 

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