Chrisma Ministries Americas

Chrisma's Ministry in Suriname and the Americas is currently focusing on an Apostolic and PropheticTraining program by empowering upcoming Evangelists and church leaders and imparting the gift of Evangelism in their lives. Our so called "MEP - Multiplying Evangelists Program".

This activity is steadily progressing in this region. The Body of Christ is involved in this Ministry and their members are trained and motivated to do the work of an Evangelist. Meanwhile we are building friendship with more churchses and ministries in this part of the world.

Is is our dream to commission send out "thrust" many laborers, from all kinds of church backgrounds and denominations, into His harvest and manifest and grow the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus in the Americas, according to Matt. 9:37-38.

Please stand with us, as we pray for Gods grace and anointing to be able to carry out this vision and task for the glory of His Name and the building of His Kingdom. For more info, click here.