Suriname - Israel Conference 2010

Except for some preaching engagements in some local churches, Chrisma Ministries had the privilege of conducting two major events in Suriname.

Israel Conference

In partnership with "Christenen voor Israel Int'l" we held a two days conference for believers and leaders from different churches and denominations in Suriname. Guest speakers were Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer (main speaker) and Ev. Eddy van Russel. Our host was 'Israel Comite Suriname'.

Several biblical topics were addressed during this important conference on Israel, such as: Why Israel, Why Jerusalem, The King is coming and the Church in Suriname and Israel.


Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer teaching the Church concerning Israel and the Nations 

 The participants were full of attention  Ev. Eddy van Russel preaching on the Nations and Israel according to Rom. 11:25-26
Ev. Eddy van Russel ministers to church leaders after his message on the fulness of the gentiles and the salvation of Israel. Prayers and intercession in groups for Israel and the Nations. Prayers and intercession for Israel and the Nations by all participants. 

  It is all in the Bible, Gods unvailing word, also for today!