Suriname, Gemeente Gods Rainville-March 2012

A church and its leadership with a powerful vision and committment for Evangelism and Missions. It's a privilege for Chrisma Ministries to minister in such a spiritual environment, full of anticipation and expectation. 

The Holy Spirit was present with His wonderful commissioning anointing during the Sunday morning meeting on March 11, 2012. Two remarkable momentums during this meeting were:

Outreach to the Hindustani People

A special call for workers from Hindustani background to reachout to their people in Suriname. Several workers responded to this call. They received special prayers and were commissioned to go and do the work of the Lord amongst the Hindustani people.    

Ria & Eddy van Russel ministering  Workers and ministers from...   ..Hindustany background responding to the call 

Apostolic anointing for the leaders

Pastor Irving Chin Sie Jen and his leaders are very committed to fulfill their vision for the church for Evangelism and Missions. Opening-up resources, training programs and directing the believers towards Christ' mandate to proclaim the Good News and make disciples. Ev. Eddy van Russel had the privilege by Gods grace to lay hands on the leaders, for that special anointing by the Holy Spirit for Evangelism and Missions.  

Transfer of...  .. that special anointing... .. for Evangelism and Missions