Suriname, Empowering the Church March-April 2012

The entire Mission's trip to Suriname was one of Empowering and Commissioning the Church to carryout Christ' mandate to preach the Good News and make disciples. Ev. Eddy van Russel had the privilege by Gods grace to lay hands on the believers, workers and leaders, for that special anointing by the Holy Spirit for Evangelism and Missions. Chrisma's Multiplying Evangelists Program (MEP) is coming to pass. To God be the glory!   

Ministering in 'Tabernacle of Faith and Love'

Full of expectation...  .. responding to the call...  .. and ready for the anointing 

Ministering in 'Bribi Ministries'

A great church...  .. a privilege to preach...   .. and blessing to receive

Ministering is 'Assembleias de Deus' a Brasilian church with many young people 

Hearing the word... .. that is preached...  .. and hungry to be used by God