Kerugoya - Shinyalu & Eldoret Kenya Empowering Programs February - March 2006

Kerugoya 25 February
Our short time with about eighty emerging preachers in Kerugoya was of strategic importance for that region. As we traveled back to Nairobi on the same day, we were convinced that God had started something fresh amongst the upcoming leaders. They were richly blessed as they look forward to what God is going to do in the near future. 



Shinyalu 3 - 6 March 2006
Our seminar for leaders in Shinyalu brought great joy and unity amongst the church leaders there. The work to accommodate all the newly born believers is huge. Therefore working together in unity is now a strong commitment of the leaders. The leaders believe that other people will continue to come for spiritual help after the crusade. God has started to move this place, that's why we are convinced that the revival that has started will continue to spread in our region, they say. Glory to Him. 


Eldoret 8 - 10 March 2006
The seminar was for three days from 8th to 10th  March. We had the lead trainer evangelist Eddy van Russel assisted by pastor David Juma and brother Godfrey Gichuki who is a PhD consultant in marketing and business strategies. Both brothers come from Nairobi. The seminar took two dimensions, on evangelism and business. The main objective of the seminar was to train evangelists and business people with an evangelistic calling.


Eddy spent some time explaining the vision of Chrisma Ministries with the purpose of raising a team that will do the work in the Great Lakes Region. This could only be achieved through understanding and conceiving the vision. He also trained on the calling and characteristics of an evangelist. Wherever Chrisma team put their feet during crusades or missions we call for emerging evangelists who are ready to be trained in this ministry.



The seminar was blended with `business training by Godfrey who started on a high note that its of great value to know that times we are living in. The gospel is expensive and we need money to reach out. This will be possible with successful business. He trained the importance of generation of business ideas, citing five predictors of business success as faith, self-discipline, passion, talent and determination. The training left many challenged to reach out and also believe God for a business to raise money for the kingdom.


One of our team members in Eldoret was able to generate some small capital and started a Kiosk with his wife where they sell basic foodstuffs, sweets, and drinks on a small scale. With this additional income, these hard working Christians are able to look after some other family members. They also have a burden to reaching the lost with the gospel while being able to take care of the finances needed for their ministry. How much better would they and other evangelist in business in this rural area perform, given more financial resources.