2nd Ever All Eastern, Central and Southern African Evangelists Conference

The All African Central, Eastern and Southern Africa Evangelists Conference ended in power!

On Tuesday 14th-09-04 the conference commenced in a powerful way, by all delegates registering. Over 480 evangelists attended this conference. They came from 13 countries such as Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Malawi to mention but a few. People were eagerly waiting for the move of God. Preachers were coming from Uganda, Holland, Kenya, USA and South-Africa. All preachers gave a brief word about how they believed the meeting was going to be. The host of the conference Evangelist Drake Kanaabo said this is the second conference for the Evangelis.
The second day of the Conference started with great anticipation from delegates, for the truth to be revealed of whom an evangelist is. Evangelist Drake started by telling that no true evangelist will fish in the same fishpond and no evangelist will fish and fails to catch or to win a soul, if it so happens then check yourself! He gave the scripture of Timothy 4:2—saying "preach in season and out of season" and do the work of an evangelist, challenging every one to evangelize.

Evangelist Eddy van Russel from Holland started by making a statement saying evangelists are crazy people; instead of asking God for food they always ask for souls. He talked about the compassion of the Father in Mathew 9: 35-38. He challenged the delegates to beseech the Lord of the Harvest for workers. There is no gain in the gospel but sacrifice. The call of evangelist is a heavenly call and it’s a biblical calling. He said evangelist are "wanted" people and they must be connected with others in different nations. He said God can never work beyond you knee and he will use you as big as your heart is.

Evangelist Juma David from Kenya stirred the hearts of the evangelists by telling them to know how to look at themselves from a biblical perspective. He said God is concerned about nations and has them on His heart. An evangelist should have a global vision and get away from the village mentality, asking for the nations as is written in the book of Isaiah. He said salvation is amongst all nations (Psalm 67). He however, also said the Lord God is a Breaker, with this in mind that the African evangelist should break through boarder barriers and believe God for the impossible meaning, passports, visa’s, funds, etc.  

A great preacher from South Africa by the name of Daniel preached about the Prodical Evangelist, getting it from Luke 15. Daniel said there is a great need for us as evangelist to go to God with boldness and ask him for the power and fire to preach the gospel.

Evangelist Hoffman from USA came with fire, he said the evangelist gets his anointing from the Holy Spirit (Acts.8: 16—26). He said evangelists have ears to hear to obey the vision.

Friday was the last day of the conference and the very climax of it.  Starting with praises and worship, the chairman of the "Uganda Born Again Christian Association" Apostle Alex preached that before we talk about good news their must be bad news that is why evangelist are needed to change bad news into good news. Many practical issues were addressed by apostle Alex. 

The Conference ended with anointing and sending out the delegates after a powerful visitation of God in the place.

Upcoming evangelists were put on fire to evangelize all parts in the world, causing some of them to ask for such training to be taken to their places for the benefit of others. So much is going to come out of this meeting since the fire to evangelize was set in the hearts of the evangelist. The last statement on the lips of Evangelist Eddy van Russel was made about how the love of the Father motivates us to evangelize, and the sense of destiny that will lead us to the fullfillment of the Great Commission.

By Chris Isabirye                                                                                                              Chrisma Coordinator Great-Lakes Region East Africa