MEP-Multiplying Empowering Program

Christian Aid:

When we think about Christian Aid we mostly think in order of either supporting financially or providing goods. As we read the bible story about the Good Samaritan we discover Christian Aid isnít only by giving things. It is much more. In this story we see that it is connected to a passionate heart. Here we see a great example of someone with a passionate and caring heart towards his fellowman, a person badly in need of personal help. The bible demonstrates this attitude, where the Lord Jesus said: ď Truly I tell you, in so far as you did it for one of the least of these My brethren, you did it for Me.(Matthew 25:40).

A recent study by Dr. Robert Shapiro in the USA showed that there is 'enormous rate of return' of philanthropies, by foundations, private and community in the USA. The study found that for every dollar in charitable giving, there was a return of $8,58 in direct economic welfare benefits. That's just a tremendous figure. Last year foundations gave more than $43 billion, and based on the study, that translates into more than 360 billion dollars in economic benefits back into the community.
(Source: OneNewsNow)
Representatives of churches and denominations are coming together in different parts of the world to share faith perspectives and problems caused by the current crisis and the role of the church in society.

We are exited to inform you: During Chrisma's latest board meeting the board members officially launched the 3xMEP 'Gold' Programs.

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MEP 'Gold' Program number:

  1. Multiplying Evangelists Program (Click here to
  2. Multiplying Empowering Program
  3. Multiplying Economic Program (Click here to

Multiplying Empowering Program
Chrisma Ministries to the Nations is sponsoring several projects for children in a few countries, such as Suriname, India, Peru, Africa.

Please click on this Multiplying Empowering Program 'Gold' Button to go to our Donation Page to start your donation.

 We believe, by Gods grace, that this department of Chrisma Ministries to the Nations will be taken to its next level in the coming years. We are looking for volunteers to work with us, and build these programs. If you feel you can do something here, please call us or write to us.

Allow yourself the question what rate of return your donation could have in one of our 3xMEP Programs. Not only measured on the world's economy standard but foremost according to God's eternal kingdom economy. Will your contribution bring forth the next Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke or the next president of your country?

We network with other organizations in various parts of the world to develop these programs further. Your ministry, organization, church and you as an individual can work with us and support us with the ingathering of the harvest and richly invest in many needy lives.

We are happy to connect you also to some of our friends whom God called into the Compassion Ministry. Please visit their web-site for more information:

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